During the Conquering War, the city-state of Garnock took and held the city of Parnania.  But as the armies of Garnock returned home after defeats suffered in the north, the administration of the city of Parnania fell to their allies the Vile Ones orc tribe.  A war torn city is nearly always going to have some difficulties, especially in circumstances like what was happening in the farmlands around Parnania.  Orc tribes, Yugsalantis and local lords were all battling for control of the best farms and mills, dramatically interfering with the food sources getting into the city.

While the city should not be considered to have suffered under a full famine, food was scarce and the people were hungry.  The Vile Ones began distributing sausages.  They claimed that these sausages had come from the Wembic Empire.  The taste wasn’t exactly what the people desired, but it was food.  The sausages were primarily issued as rations to the orc soldiers in the city, but the soldiers were quick to barter these sausages to the locals for other foods, plus the quarter masters were corrupt and selling the sausages for their own profits.

While rumors were rampant, few people believed them, at least at first.  The rumors started by saying that the sausages were made from horse meat, which has never found acceptance in the Velesan culture of Parnania, but is far more common in the Wembic Empire.  These rumors then pivoted to claims that the Vile Ones were grinding up humans and throwing them in the sausages.  The Vile Ones official claim was that they didn’t really know what was in the sausages, but that the people of Parnania should be happy they had food to eat.

The matter has never really been settled.  What is known is that the sausages were made in Parnania, so the Vile Ones there knew exactly what was in them.  Further, food was supposed to be going from Parnania to the Wembic Empire, not the other way around, so the demands on the Vile Ones in Parnania to ship food out of the city were high - probably higher than they could actually contend with.  While the legend has now grown into saying something along the lines of “The orcs ground up the valiant defenders of Parnania after the city fell and put them into sausages because orcs are all cannibals”, the sausages in question were made years after Parnania had been captured and those who died in the battles were long buried.

It is interesting to note that the cries of human sausages came most frequently from the Yugsalanti rebels.  Yes, their fortune tellers and mediums would have been the ones best suited to speak to the dead and learn what the truth was, but they were also the ones most likely to mislead the Velesans of Parnania who had all but accepted orcish rule.