During the end of the rule of the Seven Cities, a huge army of orcs and goblins gathered to sack Brinston.  Due to recent battles, Brinston’s army was decimated and did not plan to put up a defense.  A small cavalry unit put itself together from the sons of many of the soldiers.  They pieced together armor and weapons from many fallen warriors, took any horses they could find, and rode to attack the orcs.

The unit numbered about 600, and they rode to attack a horde numbering 16,000.  The young men and boys charged the orcs camp at the crack of dawn and attacked everything that moved.  The surprise attack managed to kill about 2,500 orcs, but the 600 were slaughtered.  The orcs laid siege to the city and quickly took it.

The Hopeless Crusade still rides in the afterlife.  They ride from the fields of the dead to attack the spirits of dead orcs.  During their quests, they spend two nights and one day in the lands of the living, riding southeast from Brinston.  This happens once every two years on the first day of the month of Manoto.

The troop’s appearance is ghastly.  The armor they wear is dull black streaked with glossy black.  They carry more weapons than they can use, but no other equipment.  The horses are a dull brown color but appear red in the sunlight.  The horses sometimes snort flames, and will kick sparks from their hooves as they run.  From far away, the spirits of these soldiers can cause great fear, but from up close it is easy to see how mismatched the armor is and how young the boys are (12-14 some of them).  While in battle, they are fierce and merciless, but if spoken to alone, they will all say how fearful they are of the upcoming battle.

The horses have adapted to battle over the centuries as spirits.  They always have a look of stark terror in their eyes, despite any flames or sparks.  Most people say it is the terrified look on the horses’ faces that is their most horrifying aspect.

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