Hoffman Yuirsigothe is the most powerful sorcerer in the world.  A researcher in Rimmim, Hoffman is widely regarded as the foremost authority on how and why magic works.  Hoffman is a sorcerer, but not a battle mage, in fact, he has never been near a combat.  He is a scholar and uses research spells, as well as “spell attackers” (that reduce the power or accuracy of other spells) and defensive spells.  He refuses to use a talisman because it changes the flows of magic, and he understands the flows of magic.  Hoffman has served as Wizard King, but he never devoted the time necessary to the job and was allowed to abdicate after a short eight years.  Hoffman himself is approximately 300 years old, though his body is a worn out 50.  He neglects his health for his research and magic and has only been able to keep himself alive, not necessarily healthy.  He is highly susceptible to disease, and often suffering from a cold.  He maintains several apprentices and assistants, but refuses to teach them any battle magic.  If one were to display the knowledge of battle magic or even an inclination towards it, Hoffman would dismiss him immediately.  Many people mistake Hoffman for the stereo-typical bumbling, brilliant wizard who has stayed too long inside.  Though his body is failing him and he has certainly forgotten more than most will ever know, he is sharp and serious when it comes to his favorite subject, the science of magic.  Hoffman is quite wealthy.  It should be assumed that he has practically every piece of equipment a sorcerer or wizard might have, though he might not be able to find everything within his large mansion/laboratory.

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