In 460P, the Highell noble family met with their peers and began working on the structure of what is today known as the Council of Baronies.  Between their own lands (what is now known as the baronies of Trompska, Collater, Riverford, and Oosterbeak) and the barony of Forsbury, which was controlled by their brother-in-law, the Highells were able to exert the most political clout on the process, and that initial set-up has served the family well ever since.

    The Highells are typically cattle barons, and they are the best example of the stereo-type.  Though noble through their family lines, they have a rougher style than most nobles.  This comes from their occupation as cowboys.  All Highell boys are expected to work for a few summers on one of the active cattle ranches during their teen-aged years.  While this serves to toughen them up, it also serves to bond them with their cousins and help hold the family together.

    The Highell family crest shows a falcon crowned by the sun.  Their motto is, “The hunters watch the world.”  Though both of these refer to the family’s history as hunters and falconers, they have put the falconry aside to a large degree.  Hunting remains a passion of most of the family members, but they hunt from horseback with crossbows today, and typically far bigger game than possible with falcons.

    In 655P, the Highell Family controls 7 of the 28 baronies within the council.