The Highells are a noble family in the Central Plains.  Their original lands are in what are now the baronies of Trompska, Collater, Riverford and Oosterbeck.  The family has always been involved in the cattle business.  Today, the Highells are considered to be the strongest and most established family in the Council of Baronies.  While most of the noble families of the Council have had various inter-marriages, the Highell Family is considered to directly control the baronies of Ceipiek, Cifisdoan, Collater, Forsbury, Hollywood, Honsdeck, and Triess.  Each is considered to be a “cattle baron”, but they also control large armies and other major factors of the economy. The Highell Family has strong possessions in the city-state of Parnania where they still hold political power. Outside of the Council of Baronies, the Highells are likely best known for their control of Forsbury and their plans to have Forsbury replace the much larger Parnania as the focal point of the Velesan culture.

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