In Helatia, there are three different sets of city guards:  Central City, Dock and Wall.  The Cuggouiss are the central city guards.  They wear burgundy tunics over their chain mail armor.  They walk beats through the city armed with spear and shield.  They are the most stereotypical city guards in Helatia.  The Dumbresse are the dock guards.  They are the least equipped wearing only sabers and having blue and white uniforms.  They report to the harbormaster and are used as police and tax collectors.  They are also customs agents and the city’s defense against smugglers.  The Abramno are the wall guards, dressed in uniforms of gold tunics over chain mail.  Armed with spears and long bows, they protect the city’s walls and gates.  They are considered to be the city’s defensive army.  Helatia maintains a cavalry troop (green studded leather) and a navy (white uniforms) as well, but the Abramno is the main line defensive unit in the city or should the army take to the field.




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