At one time there was an additional continent on the world of Fletnern called Baelyndit.  This was the original homeland of the titan’s and their civilization.  It was unfortunately also the site of the Titan Civil War.  During that war, the “enchanters” unleashed an attack of such great destructive power, that the continent was shaken to its literal roots and was destroyed.  The remains of the continent Baelyndit are referred to as the Great Archipelago.The Archipelago is the site of titan ruins, strange and unusual cultures and creatures, and some of the most destructive weather effects as the region has not truly stabilized, even after 4,000 years.  What the weapon truly did is still unknown, but most believe that in some way it tapped the power of the core of the planet, possibly even driving a hole straight through from the surface to the core.  What is known is that the weapon killed an enormous number of people who were nearby and then its effects continued to shatter the continent until every living being who could flee did.

The mysteries of the Great Archipelago are numerous, but two of the most common are:

- Exactly what did the titans do to destroy Baelyndit and form the Great Archipelago, and is there anyway that they could do it again.

- One of the legends and therefore a mystery is whether or not it is possible to sail around the world. Sailors report that you can sail east from Hughijen and get to the Archipelago, and you can sail west from Drentae and eventually get to the Archipelago. But is it possible to sail either through or around the Archipelago in order to go west from Drentae to Hughijen. Though the reasons why do not always agree, most people believe it impossible to sail through or around the Archipelago. (Popular reasons include that the center of the Archipelago is a dangerous whirlpool still left over from the destruction of Baelyndit or that the Archipelago now stretches from north to south and the islands keep moving in the way of passing ships.)

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