Grandfather’s true or original name is no longer known.  Even his closest associates refer to him only as Grandfather. 

In looking at him, not much is to be seen.  He appears to be a typical grandfatherly Xadrian man, perhaps a semi-successful shepherd.  In a crowd, even in other cultures, he simply blends in.

However, Grandfather is one of the most feared criminals on Fletnern.  He is a criminal mastermind.  While it is assumed that he was a very successful criminal before becoming known (probably a con man), he came to prominence for kidnapping the Grand Adept of the High Order of Telepathy and ransoming him back for an enormous sum of money.  (Rumors vary from 1,000,000 to 100,000,000sc.)  Of course, the High Order denies that this ever took place and claims that Grandfather is a myth.

As the criminal mastermind, Grandfather gathers the necessary team, makes the necessary plans, and executes the most daring crimes, seemingly with ease.  He is a long planner and will seldom take jobs that will net the team less than five million.  Since he rarely pulls more than one job a year and is willing to travel extensively, he is nearly impossible to track down, even by his friends (especially because any mention of him through the High Order’s telepathy network would be disastrous for all).  While he has a core team, he tries to vary his partners so as not to become predictable or easy to spot.  He also has a habit of using various distractions, so it is common that members of his own team may not understand the true goals.  For example, the latest crime attributed to him is the “bungled” kidnapping of the Prince Governor of Brinston.  A strike force of a dozen seasoned mercenaries (including two conjurers bringing in all sorts of creatures) were killed or captured in the hallways leading up to the Governor’s suite.  While the Swashbucklers claimed to be the first group to defeat Grandfather, rumors around the upper classes of the city tell the tale of the art treasury of the palace being looted while all the Swashbucklers were protecting the Governor.  Did Grandfather leave a team to die and make off with an untold fortune in art and historic artifacts?  That depends on who you believe.

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