Called the Grand Dragons by the peoples that know of them, these creatures are sentient dragons originally from Sulnuun.  Their cousins still on Sulnuun refer to them as the “green dragons”.  These are the dragons that were involved in the moving of the Tower of Soot off of the continent of Sulnuun and were then exiled as “tainted”.  Many did not desire to return as Sulnuun is such a harsher climate then the areas they have settled since then.

Grand dragons are sentient creatures and as such can develop culture.  Due to food requirements and general aggression, they do not typically form together in communities.  They are capable of learning nearly any skill and have their share of mages and other spell casters.  They are capable of breathing fire and their hides are sought after for both the toughness and the fire resistance (that outlasts their deaths).

They are among the world’s most dangerous predators and are intelligently feared.

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