“Free” Goblins

The so-called “Free” Goblins do not belong to the Wembic Empire.  Those goblins in the Wembic Empire conform to the norms of that culture.

The Free Goblins are divided into two sub-cultures:  the Foragers and the Raiders

The Foragers live more of a hunter-gatherer life-style.  They are nomadic, moving along the same route every year or every other year.  Typically they are following the harvests of the wild plants, and they will use the same campsites over and over again.  They hunt small game, especially fowl, hares and rodents.  Their main hunting weapons are slings, though darts are sometimes used as well.  Skilled slingers/hunters often become leaders within the tribe.  Both the men and women forage and gather whatever they can find.  They seldom go to war, preferring to flee if they encounter Raiders, however, they will fight each other over the best foraging regions.  Their highest form of hunting is for hogs, who’s meat is highly prized, as is the pigskin.  They have been known to raid human communities, but typically only for their pigs.  Some tribes have domesticated goats.

The Foragers trade when they can.  They are proficient honey hunters and smoke hams coated in honey which are prized by the Wembic orcs.  They should also have wool yarn and other products.  They are typically trading for food (often for variety) or metal items.

The Raiders are more advanced.  While they too lack metal working skills, they are excellent scavengers.  They will raid small human communities and find a use for nearly everything.  One favorite is the use of metal spoons, which they turn into arrow heads.  They do not live by raiding, but only seek to gather those things they do not make themselves.  They live in small tribal villages, often in caves.  They keep domestic animals such as pigs and goats for meat.  They do a limited amount of farming, typically cabbages and tubers.  A few use steeds, but these animals are typically too costly for them to feed throughout the year.  They are most commonly armed with bows and spears, tipped with scavenged metals.  They prefer to attack from stealth, but they seldom steal without killing.

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