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Forsbury is the often overlooked depot city in the center of the Central Plains. Having diplomatically negotiated its way through several issues (including the Reconquering War), Forsbury has simply grown while many of its peers, even allies, floundered over the last couple of generations. Forsbury grows in population and wealth as Parnania struggles and Nanerette seems to sink into a stopover port instead of a destination.

Forsbury dominates land trade on the continent. Friend to all, with low or non-existent tariffs, Forsbury merchant cartels bring every imaginable good into the city on their wagon trains. Additionally, Forsbury is the king of the “cattle baronies” with enormous herds wandering the open plains. No major droughts have affected the barony, allowing for fabulous profits for the Baron himself and his family members.

Forsbury is the economic leader of the Council of Baronies, an extended alliance of monarchies. The Baron is autocratic, but remains extremely business friendly.

As with the other trade cities, Forsbury is extremely cosmopolitan. Humans of every ethnic diversity live and work in the city, though the local Velesans dominate, both in the city and especially in the rural areas. Other races are there, but not typically in large numbers. Notably, orcs, centaurs and other races that may not be welcome elsewhere are not only welcomed, but allowed every freedom given others.

To hopefully reduce confusion:  Forsbury is a city within the barony of Forsbury.  The Barony Forsbury is within the Council of Barons.  The Baron of Forsbury is Mikeahl Edward Highell-Forsbury, a member of the Highell family.