The chief business school in Brinston is Floer Phielend.  Named for its two founders, this is the largest of the schools and one of the cheapest (though still very expensive).  Despite these seeming drawbacks, it is one of the best for business, because it understands the contradiction of mages as bookkeepers.  Students at Floer Phielend are hurried through their magic classes and then encouraged to take more directly related business classes, such as bookkeeping, business management, selling, scholarship, and even leadership.  Floer Phielend also stresses its ethics courses, though these are taught from an elitist, pro-Marilick racist standpoint.  When Floer Phielend was originally founded, it was outside the walls of the city.  This was done to prevent it from being “controlled” by the city government and allowing the mages to do as they pleased.  Over the centuries, the expansion of the city has enveloped the school and the neighborhoods around it.

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