Unlike so many of the articles on this wiki, the following is written directly to the players and GMs, and not their characters.

To understand the current level of technology in Fletnern it is important to understand that Fletnern has been under the “martial law” of the titans for millennia.  The people of Fletnern do not know (or believe) this.  Many believe the titans to be a myth, yet since the disastrous Titan War that destroyed the continent of Baelyndit, the remaining titans have actively sought out and destroyed any inventors researching technologies they believed to be “wrong minded”.  The most common of these technologies are the steam engine and gunpowder.  The titans believe that these two technologies can begin a massive surge in technological advancement that could lead to what we would know as weapons of mass destruction.  At times, the titans will destroy other inventors and their technologies, but these two are the mainstays of their policy.

This leaves Fletnern stuck at a technological level similar but not the same as Earth’s period at the end of the Middle Ages.  But the titans have not stopped all technologies, so there are extensive clockworks and knowledge of plants and herbs, but no seed drill or muskets.  This may seem a bit arbitrary, and it is heavy handed, but that is part of the drama of Fletnern.  The less powerful races will continue struggling against this titan tyranny, even while few of them are aware of it and fewer understand it.  On the titan side - They saw technology literally destroy a continent. They feel there is no reason to risk that again and if a few hundred people need to die every decade or so, then such is the cost of saving the planet.  There likely are chemists and alchemists who understand the reaction of gunpowder, but they also know the history:  Every researcher who fooled around with gunpowder was blow to smithereens by a “lab accident”.  Whether they believe in titan overlords or not, scientists prefer to follow other lines of research.

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