Fletnern is a planet that revolves around its sun in an elliptical orbit.  The south pole of the planet has a strong orientation towards the sun, causing the South Pole to always be in daylight and the North Pole to be in eternal darkness.  The elliptical orbit takes the planet nearer and farther from the sun, causing the seasons as we would know them.

Fletnern revolves on its axis in approximately 21 hours.  At its equator, there are an equal number of daylight hours and nighttime hours.  In each region, the amount of day versus night is fixed with more hours of sun south of the equator and more hours of night north of the equator.  The planet spins opposite to our Earth causing the sun to rise in the west and set in the east.  Most weather patterns to move from east to west.

The planet is roughly 21,000 miles in circumference.  The majority of its surface is covered in oceans with five continents rising above the waves.  Of the continents, one is now referred to as the Great Archipelago since it was broken into pieces by a titan weapon.  The North Pole is permanently covered in ice, though an ocean exists below the ice cap.

Fletnern is a planet very similar to Earth.  Although slightly smaller, it is denser and has almost the same total mass.  Its gravitational pull is less than Earth’s by an infinitesimal amount.  It is richer in metal and mineral deposits, especially in precious metals.  Its oceans are shallower than Earth’s.

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Moons of Fletnern

Fletnern Technology

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