A group of dragon slayers who operate as mercenaries and as a private enterprise.  Led by the elven hero Cellnit Ayundre, Fennemenne virtually wiped out all dragons in the South Pot Mountains.  Cellnit was a skilled archer and sorcerer, but was wounded in battle with a dragon.  With his body crippled, he continued to organize the team and manage their activities.  He eventually turned this organization into a merchant cartel based out of Brinston.

Fennemenne, the dragon slayers, was made up of Cellnit; Dane Reggir Ironhelm, a dwarven soldier capable of surviving incredible amounts of damage; Basselle Neeruop, a half-elven spell singer; Crruum Vorrnom, a Tanta Bosh battle axe wielder; Ferrik Valetender, a halfling crossbowman; and Jur Ocvun, an ogre soldier with a broad base of experience.  Fennemenne, the merchant cartel, deals in many businesses including the sale of dragon products, two cargo vessels, and the brokering the hiring of mercenary bands.

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