Baratock - Emperor of the Wembic Empire

Baratock was the son of a chieftain in the Crooked Sword tribe.  It is rumored that his mother was half human.  He rose to be a war chief and became extremely successful in numerous raids.  He became leader of a dozen Crooked Sword tribes and this alliance destroyed many towns north of the Gold Mountains.  With this army, he put himself up as head chief of all Crooked Sword tribes during an extremely bloody battle.

In 634, Baratock led his troops to Marnger's palace.  (Marnger was the Orc King and head chief of the Vile Ones.)  His claim was that he was coming to beg for lower taxes, but since he came with so many troops, Marnger was expecting a fight.  As the palace and the Crooked Sword camp took on a siege state, Baratock got his enclave sorcerers to set up a teleport tunnel.  With the bulk of Marnger's troops at the outer wall, watching the camped Crooked Swords, Baratock and his strike force killed Marnger and all of his bodyguards.  As Marnger's troops returned from the outer wall, they were met by the victorious Crooked Swords and surrendered.

Only the Rag Tops and the Cold Shoulder tribes claim to be independent of Baratock.  He is in the process of breeding an immense army.  The best orc warriors are being bred with the strongest women available, orc or otherwise.  Many of these women are slaves.  These new-borns are for Baratock's private army.  He has taken magical measures to assure he will be alive and young when these warriors come of age.

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