Somewhere in the Southern Plains, south of the River Fhearree, there is rumored to be a valley formed from a dried river bed.  This valley is said to be very remote, and very difficult to find, but every elephant is drawn there just before it dies.  With all elephants going there to die, it is an unbelievable stock pile of ivory.  A mysterious herd of white elephants is said to guard the valley against all outsiders.  The pacamen claim to have visited this valley and confirmed these facts, though they were allowed to move freely about the valley with their elephant friends.

The Elephant’s Graveyard does exist, but not as the legends imply.  Centuries ago, a horrible flood hit the Southern Plains.  Low areas became rivers or lakes as the flood waters spilled over their river banks.  The way that the flood waters rose, they trapped several herds of elephants against the Broiling Mountains.  As the waters rose, the elephants eventually ran out of space and were caught up in the newly formed river.  The river ran into a valley, carrying its cargo of elephants with it.  When the flood ended and the waters retreated, almost 200 elephant corpses had been deposited in the valley.  Over time, the carcasses rotted away, leaving the bones and tusks of the dead.  Where the rumors of white elephants came from are unknown, though they are blamed on the pacamen.

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