The dwarves originated in the southern reaches of Drentae. Two races of dwarves: the Rinnear called the white dwarves and the Dolindor called the black dwarves. The Dolindor were pushed out of the Broiling Mountains by the other trolls. Seeking shelter with the Rinnear, they were told their sanctuary would be short lived. Eventually settling near Rock Cove, they established working mines and a thriving culture.

The Rinnear were in the Gold Mountains until the orcs pushed them out. The Dolindor did not hold a grudge, and welcomed their light skinned brethren to Rock Cove. The two races tried to co-exist, but eventually, the Dolindor retreated to underground settlements, while the Rinnear maintained a hold of the surface. Well entrenched and in many ways out of the way, the dwarves trade some of their mineral wealth with their human allies, because Rock Cove lacks the ability to feed all the Rocchairian Nation.