On Marina 16, 653, a major earthquake hit the city of Lympeid.  Thousands were killed that day and many thousands more were destined to die due to the number of deep wells that collapsed during the quake.  Those with the means escaped the city as quickly as they could.  Some of these managed to make it to Chuhlme before the borders were closed, but most were stopped by the Glodon military forces.  Concerned about overwhelming their own resources, the Glodons were unwilling to grant aid to their longtime rivals.

Desperation sinking in, the Dethebs in the makeshift refugee camps on the borders were willing to accept any offer of help.  When the centaur sailors arrived promising to smuggle refugees into Drentae, many jumped at the chance for escape, especially as they heard the stories about how Drentae was a land of countless streams and lakes.  Some of the centaur captains were true to their word.  If paid a proper ransom, they dropped the refugees off on Drentae to find their own way.  But few of them could be trusted.  Most took everything they could from the refugees and then sold them into slavery.  The influx of Detheb slaves flooded the markets of Drentae, devaluing slaves across the continent.

But there is a problem with Detheb slaves.  The majority of them were dirt poor farmers trying to eke out a life amongst the desert conditions near Lympeid.  This “training” made them useful as farm slaves, but just barely.  But farm slaves are the least valuable slaves.  Most of the Dethebs had no experience with animals of any kind, meaning they are worthless as shepherds or on a dairy farm.  Further, their moral codes make them poor strippers or prostitutes as they show far too much shame, making the paying customers that much less fulfilled.

So the market has been flooded with the cheapest and least useful slaves.  Despite their low quality, their huge supply has ruined the market and is risking the profits of all the slave merchants on the continent.  There are always repercussions to economic disasters like this.

Game Designer’s Note - It may seem horrible to discuss the value of someone as a slave, but the slave trade is alive and well in the world of Fletnern.  To ignore it is to throw away any hope at a realistic world that can actually function.  Just because the practice of slavery is immoral does not mean it did not happen, nor that it is not happening today - both in our real world and in the fantasy world of Fletnern.