Delta Dawn is town built near the delta of the Yilldre Condrontra.  Other than Myork, it is the largest city in the region, but the river’s delta prevents ocean-going vessels from docking here.  Despite its lack of continental commerce, it is some of the best farming on the continent.  Delta Dawn is the home of 18,000 humans and 4,000 elves.  Unlike Myork, it is a fairly open and liberal society.  While it is ruled by the Grand Duke Archerown Tyndeeruy, several knights loyal to Myork have built strongholds within the town’s expansive city limits.  Most of the people who live here accept the uneasy truce between Tyndeeruy and Myork, though many also have plans for the day when the truce fails and Myork comes to take possession of the town.

Delta Dawn is a beautiful city laid across lush, grassy hills.  A series of well-maintained levies keep the flood waters of the Yilldre Condrontra away from the city, while pushing them into the irrigation systems for the nearby farmlands.  The annual flooding is so extensive, that there are very few roads into the city.  Travelers are expected to arrive by river boat.  Delta Dawn is an Anglic city, though the elven influences are noticeable.  Despite its size, it is mainly a rural, agricultural society.  There is a high amount of river travel, but these people are mainly agricultural as well. 

Grand Duke Tyndeeruy maintains a strong castle, protected by stout walls and wide moats.  He maintains over 100 soldiers and knights.  While he has no navy, he has stocked his castle with siege weapons and the staff to use them.  All of this is needed mainly as a threat against aggression from Myork.  Delta Dawn’s position makes it an extremely strategic base should Myork ever declare war on the elves and druids of the Circle Forest.