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Feast of Brakin

Feast of the Three Moons

High Summer

High Winter

Timeline of Historic Dates

Days of the Week











Months of the Year

Shade - 35 Days - start of the year, beginning of winter

Endnal - 34 Days - considered the worst of the winter

Catamib - 35 Days - last of the winter, the time when stores are running out and everyone needs as much help as they can get

Sky - 35 Days - spring is beginning, wildest changes in weather

Marina - 35 Days - the wettest part of the spring

Brakin - 35 Days - the growing season has started and life can be witnessed

Sumston - 34 Days - the start of the summer, the sun now has power

Manoto - 35 Days - the good days of summer, but always gets too hot

Laenta - 35 Days - summer is ending, and everyone is expected to come home

Flinda - 35 Days - the leaves are turning and the world is beautiful

Trintia - 34 Days - harvest time, luck had been be with you

Elightel - 35 Days - the fall is ending and everything is feeling the pain of aging and winter

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