There is a semi-mysterious woman who is known all along the Elhebar River.  She is believed to be of Sousseze decent and thus has a darker complexion than those around her, but that is not where her name comes from.  She is a vastly powerful spell caster, and when planning to work magic, she will wear an ornately embroidered black gown.  This black gown, which is assumed to be a powerful talisman, is where her nickname comes from.

Her real name is Istabella Marriselleana, but is often called Bala.  When not “working”, she dresses and conducts herself as a Sousseze noblewoman of the utmost refinement.  She dresses in the finest gowns, even though they are constricting and overly fancy.  Her gowns are never black, only the magical dress is.  She is accepted at the highest levels of society, and few know her other side.

Bala works typically as the magical support on all manner of matters, legal and otherwise.  She is not an assassin, but more often a bodyguard.  She has both offensive and defensive spells, but typically only attacks in response to violence against her of her targets.

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