Nine hundred years ago, a huge galley sailed the Anglic Straits.  Named the Craiger Rockbottom, this ship transported stone across the seas to erect castles on the new continent.  Laden with granite bound for Helatia, the Rockbottom left Myork in the month of Elightel, hoping to be early enough to beat the winter gales.  Three days out from Helatia, an incredible storm hit the boat.  The seasoned sailors tried to ride it out.  After eight hours, three men had been lost overboard, and many of the oars had been broken.  During the tenth hour, the main mast cracked and broke off from the ship.

It was during the fourteenth hour that a block of granite broke free and smashed through the hull of the ship.  The sea began pouring into the hold, and no patch could hold off the onslaught.  The ship was sinking into the ocean, and the bucket crews were helpless to stop it.  The decision was made to dump the cargo.  The ship continued to stay afloat for six more hours as the crew fought for their lives.  As the ship slipped beneath the waves, her crew went down with her.  An hour later, the sea calmed.

The Craiger Rockbottom is sometimes seen off the coats of Helatia still desperately trying to make it to port.  The ship is intangible, and no one can help these ghosts to end their endless plight.

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