The largest “countries” of Fletnern most commonly follow one of these three styles of organization:


City states start out as cities, but develop into countries due to expansions and most commonly taking their food providers under the protection of their military.  In these countries, there will be only one major city; other towns will be considerably smaller.  This capital rules the region, often with far less concern for those outside the city proper.  Though each city chooses its own form of leadership, the most common form is that of a Prince Governor.  Most large human cities are city states.

Examples:  Brinston, Caratok, Garnock, Helatia, Myork, Parnania, Purity, Rhum, Scaret, Snobist


Nations start out as individual communities or even monarchies that band together due to some manner of similarity, often race.  Since they have come together voluntarily, they tend to form more democratic or at least representational styles of government.  The larger non-human countries tend to be nations.

Examples:  Rocchairian Nation, Slyvanian Nation, Triad


Empires are by and large nations that have been formed out of conquest.  The largest example of an empire currently active on Fletnern is the Wembic Empire of the orcs.  Empires are formed involuntarily and tend to change governors by force as well.  This is not to say that a single person or group has taken complete control, typically it is an alliance, but one group will always come out as the clear leader/emperor.

Examples:  Wembic Empire

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