This is the festival of a hero/demigod (claimed as their own by the Brinston Marils, the Nanerette Marils, and the Slyvanian elves).  The hero (Counpagn or Curpaiyne in SLY) was a commoner who led his people in the defense of their villages against a band of werewolves.  He was courageous and stoic and after the successful defense taught his followers to be men who provided for their families. On his festival day, all men go out to prove their manliness by provided for their families in their own way.  Many leave before dawn to travel into the woods to supply their families with firewood.  By returning with sleds overloaded with firewood, they are providing for their families and proving their own strength.  Other common methods of proving one’s self manly include hunting large game, wearing expensive jewelery (more common for the more scholarly professionals), wrestling other men (most common among single men without families to provide for), performing (stripping) for women (proving themselves desirable).  It is important to remember that each man is expected to set his own goal and then live up to it.  There is no absolute formula.  Those proving themselves manly during this festival are said to be blessed with fertility through the next year.

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