Within the city-state of Myork, a knight is a land owner who is allowed to vote within the Council of Knights.  The Council of Knights is a 100 person body that passes laws for the city-state.  It is the ruling body of the city-state and the Prince General is only a first among equals.  He too only gets one vote, but minor matters are often left to the Prince General to administer when the Council is not gathered.

Often times, the terms “knight” and “baron” are used interchangeably, but Knights get to vote on the Council and Barons simply own tracts of land.  It is uncommon, but one could be a Knight and not a Baron (most Knights are also Barons).  So, a Knight gets to vote, and a Baron owns land.  A Baronette is an unofficial term, often used for one who owns something of value that doesn’t happen to be a large tract of land.  Baronettes often own ships or businesses within one of the cities or towns.  This does not mean that every tavern owner is considered a Baronette.  A Baronette would be a wealthy person who has received the respect of his neighbors due to his wealth and/or business prowess.

The few Knights on the Council who are not Barons or Baronettes are always fighting men of great renown.  Most commonly they are officers or leaders, but there have been soldiers of such skill that they were added to the Council.

Election to the Council requires a vote of the other members of the Council.  A candidate must receive 60% +1 vote to be elected to the Council.  Special preference is given to the heirs of recently deceased Knights, so membership on the Council is typically hereditary.

Before the military coup of 539, Knights were placed on the Council by order of the king, who also respected most rights of succession.  This Council was far less formal and was seen as an advisory body to the king.  It is only under the “regents” that the Council has become a legislature.

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