The most popular coin in the world is the silver Crown minted in Brinston.  Though each city-state mints its own coins, most of them have intentionally mirrored the Crown, at least in weight.  Brinston also mints the copper 10 Penny (worth 1/10th of a silver Crown) and the gold Royal (worth 10 silver Crowns).  These three coins, all equal in weight though of different thicknesses (due to the density of the metals), are the backbone of the world’s commerce.

The next most important “coin” is the trading chip.  These chips are made of platinum with a faceted diamond securely mounted in the middle.  They are bar shaped, about an inch by two inches.  These are valued at 1,000 silver Crowns.  With the weight of silver coins (25 coins to a pound), it is essential for there to be other, better ways to carry large sums of money over long distances.

Speaking of money transfers over long distances, the High Order of Telepathy manages a global banking service.  In addition to transferring messages telepathically along their relay routes, they will pass messages about finances, similar to modern day electronic funds transfers.  In this manner, a merchant can pay a supplier from hundreds of miles away simply by transferring the funds into his account, or withdraw funds from his own account, even if he is hundreds of miles away from home.  These services do come with a fee, but most merchants are willing to pay the fees rather than risk carting chests full of gold and silver across the trade routes of Fletnern.

Coins of Fletnern

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