Though Snobist is the largest Rhoric city in the world, it is often forgotten, while Rhum and the Triad are remembered. Snobist deals with shorter summers and harsher winters, but the farmers are able to provide sufficient food for the city and surrounding areas. In many ways, this self-sufficiency allows the people to live out their isolationist sensibilities and ignore what is happening in the world outside their city.

Snobist does retain close ties with its northern neighbors, the dwarven Rocchairian nation to the west and the Tanta Bosh of the northern mountains. Both of these peoples rely on Snobist for excess agricultural products.

These are a strong and hearty people. They are not the most exciting culture, and resist threats to their traditions tenaciously. The city is overwhelmingly Rhoric, but both the dwarven and Tanta Bosh allies can be found intermingled. Snobist sees Rhum as a younger and less mature sibling. In their “maturity”, the government of Snobist will tolerate Rhum’s wildness, while seeking to moderate it at the same time.