Often considered an adventurer’s haven, Rhum is still a smaller city on the frontier. Directly to its west is a sizable ogre population, often considered a wilderness. Within that wilderness is the recently rediscovered Goblin Empire capital Ballogfar. This archeological treasure has funneled fabulous wealth through the city.

Rhum remains the mainstay of the standard fur trade. While the furs are not exotic, they are the preferred beaver as well as the common raccoon, fur bearing rodents, and fur bearing small cats. In addition, it is perhaps best known for its massive breweries and ceramics factories. Despite these products being seemingly “common”, the products of Rhum are prized to the point that they are profitable trade goods.

Rhum is ruled by a City Council with a democratically elected Mayor. The people feel very much in control of their government.

The people of Rhum are Rhorics, but the city is very open to others, including strong alliances and populations from dwarves and halflings. The culture of the Rhorics extends into the halfling Triad to the east and the city of Snobist to the north.

Rhum is available as a published city.  The City of Rhum is the base book that describes the city as a whole, while various neighborhoods such as the main gate (Welcome to Rhum), the Warrior Guilds,and some of the seedy underbelly (Lost in Rhum) can be found.  Everything currently available is in the bundled set.