The Cathedral of Jhngeffery Drakeslayer is the center for the administration of the Angles religion worldwide (often called the Jemmistake Pantheon).  This cathedral has been the recipient of various war prizes offered up to Jhengeffery.  Stored away in its myriad of underground chambers are some of the most valuable and historic artifacts and art pieces from various cultures, including some no longer in existence.  Although the cathedral is known to contain many items, the full inventory is unknown to any outside the cathedral's clergy.  Some claim that less than three men know the full extent of the treasures contained there, while others doubt any one person could know them all.

While the cathedral is dedicated to Jhngeffery and his priests hold services there every day, much of the behind the scenes administration is actually handled by orders of monks and nuns dedicated to the gods Ehlizabetha Mourntage and Gylulihan.  As a war god, Jhngeffery’s followers are less inclined to handle paperwork and other bureaucracy.

Both spellings Jhngeffery and Jhengeffery are considered correct.  They are simply different Angle dialects.