A “bronze” is a small, 3” square badge issued by the government of Garnock.  It entitles the holder to carry steel weapons.  Without such a badge, anyone (not obviously a member of one of the Garnock troops) carrying iron or steel items can have that metal confiscated for the good of the city.

After the unexpected retreat of the Garnock / Wembic army from Rhum during the Conquering War, the Lats of Garnock needed to replace a large amount of lost equipment, mainly armor and weapons.  With their limited iron ore, the city-state was in desperate need.

In 628P, the Generals’ Conclave passed a controversial law allowing soldiers of the Garnock military to confiscate, forcibly if necessary, any iron or steel items they “discovered”.  Discovered came to mean came across after forcing their way into the homes of those who could not defend themselves.  Known as the Ferrous Metals Act, it is part of the reason that Steel Plume and the Villenettis were able to swing the support of the people behind their assumption of power.  While Steel Plume and its allies never repealed the law, they stopped the raids that were going on where military companies would descend on small farming towns and carry off nearly everything ferrous they could find.

The bronzes are cast by government contractors and are difficult to forge.  The raised edges and intricate seal of Garnock (on the “tails” side) are more than a non-professional engraver could handle.  The front of the badge simply reads “Authorized” with the alchemical symbol for iron.  Few people carry them in plain sight, and they are most commonly held inside a coin purse of some kind (most commonly worn by a chain around the neck and under the armor or clothing).  Each badge weighs about 13oz., so they are not considered convenient to carry.

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