In Brinston there are three magical universities.  While they compete for prestige, they are often seen as interchangeable.  Most students pursue studies in magic just far enough to show that they can successfully cast a spell.  Immediately after casting that spell, they switch to their chosen field.  The business communities in Brinston feel that anyone with the ability to master magic has the brain power to handle the business world.  For this reason, they all hire these “mages”.  Few of these people can actually cast a spell, but they have a certificate showing they are a mage.

The universities do in fact teach mages, but these are much smaller groups of students.  Most university trained mages find themselves within the Brinston Navy either as offensive spell casters or as weather manipulators intended to enhance the speed and maneuverability of the ships.

Brinston Magical Universities utilize a star quality style of attracting certain professors.  While overworked “grad student” type wizards teach everything, certain “famous” mages teach one or two classes a week and get huge salaries and wonderful libraries.  Having these famous mages makes the university seem more prestigious, though the stars have little if any impact on the actual curriculum.

Floer Phielend

Kainte Meurdenty

Aurora Fantastic

Marilick University (not magical)

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