This long sword was crafted as the twin of Dark Soul.  Upon its creation, a spirit trap was enchanted upon it, which locked in the spirit known only as Bright Eyes.  Bright Eyes is the enemy of Dark Soul, but this was unknown upon its creation.  Bright Eyes can create light in various intensities, including the ability to cast one blind spell every hour.  The sword’s glow leaves a trail of light much like a night song spell.  It can communicate with its wielder through a style of telepathy.  Bright Eyes has the ability to “see” invisible people.  It can notify its wielder when invisible people are present, but it cannot reveal them.  It can however use its five levels of animated attack and ten levels of animated parry against the invisible creatures.  Bright Eyes is also a vorpal weapon.  Bright Eyes is currently in the possession of an elven lord, who keeps the weapon as a trophy.