This page was created to help blog readers understand my terminology. Here are some of the slang terms I use frequently in my blog posts:

Gold Farmer - Any player who doesn't care about the story and only wants to achieve the most gold coins and experience points by maximizing the damage he causes to all NPCs.

Role-Player - Any player who actually listens to the lead up to adventures and cares about the story. They do not have to be a costume wearing voice acting role-players.

Pocket critical - A character that has been designed so that he or she can get a critical when one is needed.  They keep a critical in their pocket.  Most games that allow for criticals have some mechanic by which you can increase your chances, and these characters use/abuse those mechanics.

An "UhOh” - A heavy crossbow (because it’s what the burglars say when they see one at night). 

Baker’s hours - The idea is that in order to make bread for the people to buy in time for their morning meal, the bakers need to get up in the middle of the night and start the dough.  It needs to be made, rise, kneed, rise, bake, all by sunrise.