Black steel is a strange substance created by alchemists.  For all practical purposes, it is as strong as steel, but is significantly less magically resistant (half the resistance of steel).  It is coal black throughout and does not reflect light.  This makes it very popular among night fighters.  With it resisting magic less than steel, it is often used by enchanters to craft more powerful items with less risk of spell failure.  While it would not be as limiting to standard mages due to the lower resistance, it still puts up enough “steel” interference that it should not be used to attempt to craft mage armor.

Black steel is created in a semi-liquid/gel-like form and at its creation can be placed in forms.  The most common forms are typically bars or rods.  These can be worked by smiths, just as steel can.

Mystery - There is a rumor that black steel was found naturally by a company of orc miners in the Gold Mountain range.  If this is true, the price will dwindle.  If it is not true, then the orcs have mastered alchemy to a state many thought impossible of the race.

Black steel is practically as strong as real steel, yet it is not as resistant to magical enchantments (only -30%).  Also, its dull black finish will never reflect light, making it an ideal assassin’s weapon.

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