The Black Dragons are often considered the original race of dragons as they remain on the continent of Sulnuun where the dragons first evolved.  They have formed a strong civilization based on the ranching of the dinosaur-like creatures native to Sulnuun.  After the Tower of Soot incident (thousands of years ago), the black dragons have outlawed boat building and contact with the “outside world”.  Many of them believe the “green lands” and the “white lands” are myths created by imaginative dragon story tellers.

The black dragons have a different type of scaled skin, far rougher and more insulated than the grand dragons.  While darker in color, it holds the heat away from the creature and allows it to disperse more of the heat trapped within its body.  While they can breathe fire, it is seldom a useful attack against creatures who thrive in temperatures above 140.

The black dragons are sentient, like the green dragons.  It is currently impossible to tell which of the two races of dragons is the more pure as both seem to have been affected by the Tower of Soot.