On the first day of the month of Manoto 652 in the city of Helatia, after an incredible ordeal and major magical assistance from the healer priests of Brakin, a priestess of Manoto gave birth to a boy.  The boy was clearly exceptional.  He was large, he was well formed, and he seemed to have a sense of strength never seen in a child.  The priestess had warned her superiors; this was the avatar of Manoto, god of war.

For the past three years, this child has been worshipped as the true incarnation of the war god.  Now at the age of three, he appears to be about three times his age with the strength of a proficient warrior.  An entire new cadre of the faithful has been assembled simply to act as his bodyguards.  Of course with a living god amongst them, donations from the pilgrims have more than paid for the extra expense.

Is this child an avatar or is this some elaborate hoax?  Those who should know and should be trusted (such as the priests and priestesses of several other major religions in Helatia) have stated that they believe the child to divine, at least in some manner.  Many doubt the truth of these claims, only partially because the priests of Helatia immediately cashed in on the pilgrimage revenues and other donations.  Other questions have been why this particular priestess was chosen.  Many believed that had Manoto wished to father an avatar he would have (should have) picked a warrior woman who could have survived the birthing.  Instead he chose a skinny woman who has barely been able to perform ceremonial combat in her short career.  (The gossipy explanation is that Manoto felt she was pretty and did not want anyone questioning his taste.  Also, he was placing the avatar to lead his followers when the time is necessary, and he did not want a useful warrior woman to be sidelined by a pregnancy.)

Only time will tell if the avatar is truly the son of the god Manoto.  At this point, no fortune telling spirits or other magical knowledge has outright accused him of being false, but the magical creatures seem to wish to remain silent about the avatar, seldom returning any manner of answer about his true nature.

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