Asesulo is a dragon famed for being small and brilliant.  He is the “runt” of Muervadottie, her 20th surviving dragonling.  Asesulo is a gifted wizard, but due to his small size (said to be half the size of a normal grand dragon), he was willing to violate some of the dragon taboos.  As a young dragon, he would raid the lairs of dead or sickly dragons and loot their wealth.  He would then keep what he wanted and trade the extra to the passing human caravans.  Asesulo became notorious for trading with humans or attacking them if they refused to trade.

Asesulo is rumored to be dead, but no one is certain.  If Asesulo is dead, it is assumed that one of his halfling agents would have liquidated his hoard, but this is not believed to have happened yet.


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