Sometimes referred to as The Mighty Alliance or more rarely as the Alliance of the Mighty, this group hoped to form an alliance of the various adventurer and mercenary guilds around the world.  Based out of Rhum and started around 627, the group hoped to establish itself as a means to better the reputation of sell swords around the world as well as serve as a marketplace for both mercenary services as well as the tools (typically magical) that these folks like to utilize. 

While it started on good terms with the official Rhum Adventurers’ Guild, the two organizations quickly ran afoul of the Rhum law preventing people from being in more than one “guild”.  Even though the Alliance was not an official guild, the two organizations began to become exclusive.  In top of this, those cities in the world with mercenary guilds, typically had restrictive definitions of what constitutes a “mercenary”.  The concept has basically flopped, but every year or two, someone in Rhum gets idealistic and tries to get it started back up again.  The originators of the concept had become landholders west of Rhum and their lands served as a rallying point for the cause.  Those lands have since passed into other hands as the core team of adventurers retired and sold off the lands in order to purchase better homes within the city proper.

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